Post Grad Program

Our post graduate program is for athletes that have completed their high school education but need more exposure in order to receive a scholarship or make a collegiate team. A player’s collegiate level is often determined by game performance, work ethic, athletic ability, size for position, and college position needs. This program allows athletes to take a year off before attending college (also known as a “gap year”) without losing any of their 4 year eligibility. Athletes in this program will compete against many of the top prep schools, independent high schools, and junior colleges in the country. After our competitive playing schedule, players will have the experience and confidence to play at the next level. If a player wants a scholarship, Southeast Missouri Preparatory School will assist them by pushing, supporting, and validating them along the way. We set the scene for our players, allowing them to take on the responsibility to perform at their best in competitive environments.

  • Post-Grad Program
  • 7+ months
  • Training, weights, pool recovery, agility workouts
  • 20+ Games
  • College Placement
  • SAT/ACT Prep Available
  • Team Building Activities
  • College Visits
  • Residency Stay
  • Post-Grad Program-Local
  • 7+ months
  • Training, weights, pool recovery, agility workouts
  • 20+ Games
  • College Placement
  • SAT/ACT Prep Available
  • Team Building Activities
  • College Visits



Southeast Missouri Preparatory School is dedicated to preparing athletes to compete at the highest levels and using our unique exposure and industry connections to create career defining opportunities and placements. We add uniqueness to the Midwest athletic scene, being the first and only post graduate prep-school in the state of Southeast Missouri that will have both women’s and men’s basketball programs as well as a men’s soccer program. Our goal is to put players in positions to receive scholarships and college placements nationwide.



At Southeast Missouri Preparatory School we believe in equal opportunity. Every player will have equal opportunity to showcase their talent and earn a college scholarship.



Southeast Missouri Preparatory School is staffed with trainers, former players, and former collegiate coaches that are all dedicated to the growth and development of our players. We put a heavy emphasis on player development, targeting players weaknesses while also encouraging our them to sharpen and expand their strengths.


Below is the base price of all Southeast Missouri Preparatory programs. It is important that players understand that school, flights, and food are all additional costs, and will be included appropriately. In order to reserve a spot at Southeast Missouri Preparatory School, one must pay the deposit of the program of their choosing and tuition must be paid before the start date of the program according to the contract, unless agreed upon. Although the staff may recommend academic options, Southeast Missouri Preparatory School is an athletic program and not a school.  Southeast Missouri Preparatory School expenses are as follows: gym/facility cost, housing, tournament/game fees, transportation, marketing, web development, facility insurance, training, storage, furniture, jerseys, employees, and bad debt expense. Each expense is necessary to provide our athletes the best experience possible. Providing our athletes with facilities, training, and/or expertise that does not meet Southeast Missouri Preparatory School standards is detrimental to our mission of helping our basketball players play at the college level.

  • Post-Grad Program-Local
  • 7+ months
  • Training, weights, pool recovery, agility workouts
  • 20+ Games
  • College Placement SAT/ACT Prep Available
  • Team Building Activities
  • College Visits
  • Post-Grad Program
  • 7+ months
  • Training, weights, pool recovery, agility workouts
  • 20+ Games
  • College Placement SAT/ACT Prep Available
  • Team Building Activities
  • College Visits
  • Residency Stay


Roy Booker - Program Director


Born and raised in Portageville, Missouri, Roy Booker has made basketball his life’s work.  As a celebrated high school player he was awarded All Conference, All District, and All State. After a stellar high school career, he earned his Associate’s Degree at Allen County Community College where he was celebrated as Junior College All American on the basketball court, scoring the 2nd Most Points in a Single Season only behind former NBA Star JR Rider. Roy Booker finished as one of the Top 3 Most Points scored in Allen County Community College history and was rated the 3rd Best Junior College Player in 2002 by Rick Ball Scouting.

While at Allen County Community College Booker earned a scholarship to attend the University of Montana.  Booker then transferred to Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO).  At SEMO Booker received his Bachelor’s Degree, and was named Ohio Valley All Conference, Newcomer of the Year, and still holds the record for Most Points in a Single Season and averaged the most points ever in SEMO history since turning Division I in 1984.  The record still holds to this day.  

Following SEMO, Booker began his professional basketball career spanning 13 years, 5 continents, and 23 countries.  Booker led leagues across Europe and Australia, receiving the Leading Scorer title 9 times, Leader in Assists five times, and was repeatedly recognized as an outstanding talent in international circles.  Upon retiring from professional basketball, Booker transitioned to coaching as the Head Assistant Coach at Rend Lake Community College. At Rend Lake serving primary roles in recruiting and player development.  During the 20-21 Season he served as Co-Director and Head Coach at Illinois Preparatory School.

In 2021 Booker opened his own prep school, Southeast Missouri Preparatory School, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri (Semo Prep).  In 2022 Semo Prep will become the first ever prep school in the Midwest to have a Women’s Post-Grad Program.

Howard Davis

Howard Davis a native of Chicago Southeast Missouri, gained his love for basketball as a youth participant with the “Sonny Parker Youth foundation” in Chicago, Southeast Missouri. Where he received fundamental instruction from former NBA veteran himself Sonny Parker and his group of coaches. At this time Coach was a student at prestigious Simeon Career Academy. Was also home to current and former NBA players such as Nick Anderson, former most improved player Bobby Simmons, and current players Rookie of the Year and MVP Derrick Rose, #2 overall draft pick Jabari Parker, star rookie Kendrick Nunn. 

Davis then went on to be president/coach/player for the SIU Men’s basketball club team. During his time with the club team they competed in many tournaments, winning the 2015 SIUE Spring Invitational. In 2017 Howard lead the SIU Club team to a NCBBA national tournament berth. After his time with the SIU club team Coach Davis went on to intern at East-West University men’s basketball team located in Chicago Southeast Missouri under Head Coach Tommy Posley. As an intern Howard helped Coach Posley workout players individually and on a team basis, run practices when Coach was not available, and assist with recruiting. In 2019 Coach Davis joined the Rend Lake College men’s basketball Coaching Staff under Head Coach Tommy Holder.  During the 20-21 Season he was an Assistant Coach under Roy Booker at Illinois Preparatory School.

Precious Roberts

Precious Roberts is serving in her first season as the Southeastern Missouri Preparatory School Head
Women’s Basketball Coach after being hired in March of 2022. Coach Roberts comes to SEMO Prep
after completing the 2021-2022 season as the Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach at Andrew College
(Cuthbert,GA) where she was on staff for 2 years. Precious will lead this 2022-2023 season as the First
Women’s Basketball Coach for SEMO Prep in Post Grad History.
Roberts’ experience not only as a coach, but as a player has given her great success over the years.
She’s had the opportunity to play professionally for the Collingwood All Stars in Australia along with
conducting training sessions with the youth within the community. Precious competed in the Big V League
located in Melbourne, Victoria. Coach Roberts also represented the city of Jacksonville as a player for the
Jacksonville Lady Panthers in the Women’s Basketball Development Association League (WBDA), all
while being associated with the Jacksonville Force in the Women’s American Basketball Association
(WABA) winning both a national and state title for the organizations. Community engagement within
women’s basketball has always been her passion, which gained her much respect in the city of
Jacksonville, as a volunteer Coach for The Lady Sparks, The Knightmares, and The Palatka Lady Tigers,
all AAU teams based out of Jacksonville and Palatka, FL. Currently, Coach Roberts is the co-owner for an
AAU team in Atlanta, Ga known as The Ice Angels alongside her former SIAC Conference Champion
teammate Bria Dorsey.
Roberts is no stranger to success due in part to the fact that she recently became a WABA Champion in
the Fall of 2021, and a WBDA Champion in Spring of 2019. Precious was part of the Prairie View A&M
University Women’s Program that won the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) Championship in
2014, and also part of the Livingstone College Women’s Program that made a Final Four Appearance in
2016 competing in the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA). At Livingstone College,
Precious was appointed as Captain of the Lady Blue Bears, finishing her senior year with a historic
college run with a record of 24-1. She was also awarded the Coaches Award for her consistent leadership
and displaying good moral ethics on and off the court. Precious has been around the game for over 10
years and had the privilege of giving back to what she has experienced over the years. Her first coaching
job, as a sophomore, began in 2013 with The Lady Sparks AAU organization based out of Jacksonville,
FL. With the passion for playing and coaching, it led her to her 2nd coaching job as a youth basketball
coach at the YMCA J.F Hurley Family located in Salisbury, NC. During this time, she helped the youth
excel in various sports which sparked her vision that started her career. As she advanced in her coaching
strategy, she became a volunteer coach her academic senior year at Livingstone College in the 2015-16
season, and has been teaching the game ever since. Her passion for coaching has led her to High School
levels including Academy Schools which advanced her to a collegiate coaching career as well. She’s a
former collegiate coach in the NJCAA league within the Georgia Collegiate Athletic Association (GCAA)
and the Division II, CIAA conference as well. Coach Roberts attended William M. Raines High School
where she was a multiple sport athlete who was part of the 1000 Points Club and received Player of the
Year honors.
“Having the privilege to help young women grow to accomplish their dreams and aspirations is what
drives me. Helping them become “True Women” in life is the most important part of it all. Being able to
contribute to the sport I love by giving back to the game and to others, is my why. I believe sports teaches
great qualities of true success in life, such as discipline, hard work, perseverance, teamwork, and so
many other great variants that you need in life. I make sure to instill that inside every athlete I work with;
by connecting with them as an individual first.”

Kyle Luke

Born in Carbondale Illinois and raised in Pinckneyville Illinois, which has a very rich history for high school basketball. Kyle attended Pinckneyville high school which he would go on to win 112 games in his playing career while attending Pinckneyville. While winning four regional titles and a 4th place finish. He has been coached by a Illinois basketball hall of famer, Robert Waggoner. After high school Kyle walked on at Rend Lake College which he was coached by Roy Booker. After his one year at Rend Lake College he took a Freshman coaching job at Trico High school. He stayed there for two years specializing in offensive plays and defense. Kyle currently attends SEMO and is very excited that Roy Booker brought him back and his excited to learn from him and his staff. Kyle brings a very high basketball IQ to the game and a young nature. 


Southeast Missouri Preparatory School is an elite sport and training program with academic options  provided by other educational institutions. A player or parent may not sue Southeast Missouri Preparatory School for anything academic related. A player or parent/guardian may not slander Southeast Missouri Preparatory School about anything pertaining school related issues. Southeast Missouri Preparatory School is not claiming to be an educational institution or  college/university. All schooling and/or educational assistance is outsourced.

Southeast Missouri Preparatory School cannot guarantee any player a scholarship, financial assistance, or anything of related to scholarship money. The only thing that we can offer is playing time and the opportunity to play in front of college coaches at various elite levels.  Southeast Missouri Preparatory School reserves the right to make all coaching and playing time decisions.  Every player is not guaranteed court or field time at every game or event.

Players are a direct reflection of Southeast Missouri Preparatory School and are expected to follow directions and advice of their coaches, mentors, and housing directors. If at any time a player causes problems with the aforementioned, or with spectators, and/or opposing players we have the right to impose discipline as we see fair. If improper behavior continues we reserve the right to send a player home with the possibility of no return. If this happens, tuition is non-refundable and further legal action maybe sought by Southeast Missouri Preparatory School if appropriate.

Southeast Missouri Preparatory School is a drug-free program and we are committed to providing an environment which is safe, quality-oriented and productive.  Alcohol and drug abuse poses a threat to the health and safety of players at Southeast Missouri Preparatory School and to the security of the company’s equipment and facilities. We reserve the right to drug test players regularly and at our own discretion when abuse of these substances is suspected.

Students must get their immunization done and have them sent to us before arrival. Students are also responsible for submitting all high school transcripts and be registered through the NCAA clearing house before arrival.  

By signing up, you are agreeing that you understand the terms and conditions as seen above. You are also agreeing that you are either the player or parent who will take financial responsibility for the tuition. If you are a player, you are agreeing that you are at least 18. Although you are not legally bound to enroll at Southeast Missouri Preparatory School, you are legally responsible for understanding these terms and conditions if you enroll.

If any provision in these Terms of Use is held invalid, the remainder of these Terms of Use shall continue to be enforceable. If any provision in these Terms of Use is deemed unlawful, void or unenforceable, then that provision is deemed severable from these Terms of Use and the remaining provisions are still valid and enforceable.


Housing at prep school can be fun for our athletes, but it is important that we are respectful to our neighbors and to ourselves. Athletes are required to clean after themselves and share in rotating chores.  If an athlete breaks and/or damages anything in the house, he will be responsible financially



Athletes at Southeast Missouri Preparatory School are representatives of the organization itself.  Accordingly, athletes should conduct themselves in an appropriate, responsible manner when on trips and in hotels. This means, no loud noise, cleaning up after oneself, no drugs and/or alcohol, no running in the halls, loitering, and any other inappropriate conduct.

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Roy Booker


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